Moons & Night Time Magic Girls for the Wizard World Comic Con (WIP Part I)

Here’s the first peek on the work in progress of one of the drawings I’m working on for the Wizard World Comic Con. I don’t want to say much about it since I keep things on the hush-hush until they are fully completed. But it is part of a series of drawings with moons and night time magic girls. I’ve been calling this one, “What We Do When We Are Queens”. I’ll reveal more in the weeks to come.

Moons & Night Time Magic--What We Do When We Are Queens WIP.jpg

The Secret Society of Magical Creatures Gets Strange at TEDx Mt. Hood 2018

Yes, this was one of the strangest…..dare I say, magical….opportunities that the Secret Society of Magical Creatures had last year. I didn’t get many photos to share with you of my TEDx Mt. Hood presentation, because….well, you know….I was presenting and couldn’t take photos. Not to mention, In the dark with candles on all the tables, it was hard to get a good, clear shot of the action. Officially, my presentation was called, “an action break”, in which participants could choose an activity to do between talks. The Secret Society of Magical Creatures was 1 of 4 activities to choose from. Fortunately, there was a professional, TEDx photographer to capture some of the strangeness .…er…magic.

SSMC at TEDx Mt.Hood 2018-1.jpg

Another very fortunate thing was that Blick Art Materials helped sponsor my presentation. It was so nice to get some support and encouragement for this strange society which seeks to help you find your magical quest.

SSMC at TEDx Mt.Hood 2018-2.jpg

I took the participants through the first few secret documents from the “How to Discover Your Magical Creature and Magical Quest Book”. You can see the cover of the book above as it was projected on a white board. Some participants got brave and shared what they discovered with the entire group, including their magical creature. I found it very touching and many of us applauded their bravery.

If you’d like to buy your own copy of this very secret and magical book……maybe…strange is more accurate, I’m offering a magical discount on it for 1 week until Jan 22, 2019 . Use code MAGIC75 to get 75% off the regular price.

If You Come See My Strange Art, You Deserve A Discount on Admission (to Wizard World)

I don’t know if anyone I know will actually want to come see my strange art at the end of February 2019 at Wizard World. You see I neither know many people, nor many folks who would actually attend a convention to come see my artwork.

Fortunately, the people at Wizard World Comic Convention Portland, Oregon have much more faith in people I know than I do, so they were kind enough to give these elusive folks a discount on admission. Yes, if you count yourself among those people, please use the discount code below, because you sure deserve a discount. And you can count on me greeting you with my larger than life strange smile for I will be so happy to see you.

Wizard World Discount 2019 KOJIMA20.png

Who Else Is Haunted By the Moon? (Moon Lady Drawing WIP)

I have a friend who has some moon tattoos. He has a different phase of the moon on each arm. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people with different moon phase tattoos (do you have any?). I think all these people are haunted by the moon. I too feel the moon’s irresistible pull. In fact, you’ll find many moons in my art.


For my friend with the moon tattoos, I made this Moon Lady homemade card. I thought it should look mysterious and lovely, strange and unworldly. To make sure the card did that, I cut out a little flap to open and see what was behind the face of the moon. What would the moon be thinking or feeling if you could peel back her face and take a peek? I came up with 2 ideas: 1) stars sparkling 2) colors sizzling. Which one do you like better? I ended up choosing to put the sizzling colors behind the flap, but made a gif so you could see both of them.

Wizard World Comic Con Here I Come (Armed with Strange Art)!

Come February 22-24, 2019, I will, for first time ever, be an artist in the Artist Alley at Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, OR. I’m nervous but I’m armed with strange art. I have no idea what to expect, yet I have this nightmare that no one will come to my table. If by chance they do, they’ll look at my art and poo-poo it. Their noses will turn up as they strut away as if they got a wiff of stinking garbage.


Fears aside, I will put my best foot—-errr——my best art forward. What do I have in mind? What’s the plan? Lots of good things I hope you’ll come see. I’m thinking zines, paper toys, prints and of course some original art. Ghost girls. Night time magic. Moons. Masks. The Secret Society of Magical Creatures. These will all play a role in the strange art I display at my Artist Alley Table. I’ll give you some sneak peeks in the weeks to come.


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Top 5 Strangest Things That Happened in 2018

#1 GETTING A SOLO show started the year out with a bang!


#2 GETTING TO DO COVER ART for a sci-fi/fantasy fiction magazine was a dream come true!

#3 LOSING THE SOLO SHOW sent me into a downward spiral of depression.


#4 CHECKING OUT OF SOCIAL MEDIA, I tried to gain some perspective & sanity.


#5 CREATING WHIMSICAL, FANTASTICAL, PLANTIMAL SCULPTURES and getting them into the J. McVarish Gallery ended the year on a high note.


Lastly, Why Not Have a Mysterious Holiday!

Being strange (are you too?), I could not possibly make a normal holiday card. I mean really? Come on! Why would I choose anything but strange? So with my cohort in strangeness (my beau, my soulmate, the love of my life), we created the strangest of holiday cards. We decided to wish everyone on our holiday card list a MYSTERIOUS and MAGICAL holiday. Do you think donning, paper, bunny masks and pretending we were sitting for a tintype photo where we couldn’t move for several minutes (but managed to move anyway and blur the image) did the trick? I mean, was it a great way to put some mystery into the old holiday tradition?


Whatever you think, I hope you do enjoy this holiday season and do something that delights your heart. I think wearing masks is great. How about sporting some animal ears? Anyone for a visit to the Peculiar Museum (Yes, we have that here in Portland, Oregon)?

Here are the outtakes from the photo booth that didn’t make it into the holiday card. I hope they make you laugh. We did when they came out freshly wet from the booth slot. Don’t we look like we’re part of some secret society, especially in that very last one where we are turned to the left? Well, maybe we are. Maybe, we are (wink, wink).


Second of All, Here's to Celebrating Rare, Magical and Strange Things!

I was talking to an artist friend and we were discussing how rare it is to get a holiday card, let alone a homemade card from someone. I’ve been fortunate to get a few…not yet this year but in previous years. Have you gotten any yet? They truly are special to me…you could even say, they’re magical. This friend and I asked each other if we kept those homemade cards. Yes. Yep. Usually, we did. Some of the recipients of our homemade cards have told us they keep them too. They have a little special stash from all the years. Strangely, others have told us they threw them away.

“Celebrate Magic” homemade Card for a friend.

“Celebrate Magic” homemade Card for a friend.

Why did they tell us that? My artist friend thought they might be trying to relieve some guilt over NOT keeping them. I don’t know. I don’t know how people feel when they receive a homemade card from me. Do you they feel magic? Do they feel like celebrating? Do they feel special? My hope is that they will feel all those things because I created it especially with them in mind. I mean, they inspired what I decided to do. It wasn’t random. I thought about who they are and how warmly I feel about them. I thought about their smile and the things they like.

If nothing else, this is another thing that just makes me strange and different from everyone else. Okay, okay…you say special….still…..I say strange.

First of All, I Apologize For Lack of Faith As I Traverse The Dangerous, Internet Forest

It’s been a long time since I sent out a message into the vacuous, internet abyss. I mean that’s how it feels when you put words and art into the electronic space and nothing happens….nothing….happpens….no replies….no response…..nothing….Have you experienced that? It makes me feel more awkward and strange than I already feel. It makes me want to withdraw and be swallowed up in the shadows and never come out again. I guess that’s officially why I create strange art and why there is a Secret Society of Magical Creatures. So for the lag in time and the lack of faith…that someone is out there….that someone cares….that someone is listening…..that I’m not completely alone in the dangerous and indifferent internet forest….let me apologize. I’m sorry.

A commissioned portrait painting for a family in Portland, OR.

A commissioned portrait painting for a family in Portland, OR.

Trio of Homemade Super-Hero Birthday Cards for My Friend and Family

I have 3 friends and family birthdays in a row, so I usually end up creating handmade birthday cards that have a theme to make it easier and quicker to do a set of 3. I chose super-heros for these 3 cards, and they sort of looked like the person I was giving them to….okay…if they were all powerful, super-hero persons. I think they really enjoyed getting them. How would you feel getting one?

Super Hero Birthday Cards-1.jpg
Super Hero Birthday Cards-2.jpg
Super Hero Birthday Cards-3.jpg
Super Hero Birthday Cards-4.jpg