Who else has felt like they never quite fit in?  Who else has felt awkward around people?  Have you been made fun of for being different or strange?  Do you wish there was a special place where you could belong?


 Here is strange art with strange characters going on quests through strange lands.  They are searching for that place where they don't have to be anyone but themselves.  They don't want to be looked at like they are strange. They don't want to be mocked for being different.  

NightTime Magic Girls in Masks-Border.jpg

Each land where they find themselves has strange rules and strange creatures.  Do they belong there?  Or should they move on?  Will they ever find the place that makes them feel welcomed?  Or will they only feel more and more alienated in each new land?

Night Time Bunny Mask Fire Flowers with Border.jpg

Here you could follow along to discover if they find what they desire the most; a special place all their own.

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(Hint:  You'll be taken on an adventure into a Strange & Secret Society.)