Melissa Kojima Chalk Drawing-Oct 2017-2.jpg

Strange artist

Melissa Kojima is from a small town in southern California and grew up in many smaller towns in Oregon where she stuck out like a sore thumb for being too thoughtful, too curious, too inquisitive and too creative.  She felt awkward in her big, conservative family, never fitting in or sharing the same values as them. To this day, she still is searching for a place where she feels accepted and belongs. Through her spooky and mysterious storybook-like artwork which ranges from large pencil drawings, acrylic paintings and strange paper-clay sculptures, she express her feelings of being awkward, invisible, strange and lonely and her hope to find where she belongs as if it is a journey through strange lands to find strange characters like herself.

You can contact her through email to chat about strange art. She’s also happy to add you to her newsletter so you won’t miss any of the strange events or strange art that she’s creating. Either click one of the links above or click on the little round button below (with the white envelope on it) to contact her. You can also learn more about her by clicking the “Download CV” button below to read her artist’s resume.