Really, just stop there now.  If you don't want magic, fun & adventure, we aren't going to get along.  That's actually what I wanted when I joined Stella Orange's "SHUT-UP-AND-WRITE-A-THON".  I sure wanted more magic, fun and adventure in my writing for my fantasy adventure art audience (That's you if you got this far).  

I hoped I would learn how to do that from this 10 day writing workshop.  Each day, Stella Orange gave us fun encouraging messages (That was 1 of the fun parts.) to help us write.  She also gave us prompts on what to write which was like an adventure into the unknown.  It tested me.  It made me have to find magic within myself.  Here are 5 magical discoveries that I made during Stella Orange's "SHUT-UP-AND-WRITE-A-THON":

  1. ON THIS ADVENTURE, THERE'S A GOOD WOLF & A MEAN WOLF:  What?  What the hell is that?  Well, Stella told us when we sit down & write for our audience (Yep, that's you again.  You're still with me?  Wow!  Thanks!  That's great!), we either feed the mean wolf or the good wolf.  It's probably more likely we're feeding the mean wolf if we're avoiding writing or we're afraid we suck at it (Yeah, I'm afraid I suck at it).  We feed the good wolf when we just shut up and write and make writing a continuing on the journey even if we're not sure where the magic is (Yeah, I'm not sure where it is. But did you read that?  There's a freaking good wolf!  That's freaking magical!).                                                              
  2. FAILURE IS PART OF THE JOURNEY TO GET TO THE MAGIC:  Oh what?  It's not going to be perfect?  And that's actually how I make it to my destination?  Yep!  That's what Stella told us.  Just showing up makes it possible for the magic to happen.  It doesn't matter if you fail and make mistakes.  With each mistake, you're one step closer to the magic....that's if you keep showing up and just keep doing it.                                                                                                                                           
  3. ADD WHAT MAKES IT MORE FUN:  Often times, when I sit down and write, I'm in a hurry.  Why?  Because I'd rather be out exploring, having adventures and making magic with friends.  Well, I realized from Stella's writing workshop that I could actually go out & write with a buddy.  Now, that's way more fun and even magical!                                                                                                                        
  4. IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR WRITING, YOU CAN BURN IT:  How is that magical, adventurous or fun?  Well, did you read that?  You can burn things!  You can burn things!  I'm a fire lover.  What about you?                                                                      
  5. BITCHING CAN HELP YOU FIGURE OUT WHERE YOU NEED TO GO:  I'm one of those people who is super enthusiastic & positive.  I really don't like to publicly bitch.  But during the write-a-thon, we got permission to do it and I discovered getting that bitching out of the way and out in the open showed me what I had been missing in my writing.  It wasn't fun writing because, I wasn't bringing the fun.  It wasn't adventurous writing because, I wasn't trying anything new or unknown to me.  Well, enough of that!  It's time to change that!  Now, I know how to bring on the magic!  Thank you, Stella Orange!  (And since, you, yes, you, my fantasy adventure art audience, made it to the end of this blog post, you get ready for more magic, fun and adventure in my writing!)