Secrets, Magic & Mystery Revealed: My Spooky Drawings at Gallery Nucleus

There are ONLY a few weeks left in the grand opening show, Salut, for Gallery Nucleus in Portland.  I'm telling you this to remind you to get your butt down to SE Hawthorne Boulevard before the know......if you haven't done it yet.....oh yeah.....and so you can drool over all the amazing art before it's gone, gone, bye, bye for good.  

 That includes my spooky drawings filled with secrets, magic and mystery.   Below is a little peek of them laid out on my art studio table.  As I write this, I'm not sure if they any of them are still available.  The show ends November 8th, 2016 and that may be your last chance to see them all together.

Oh blog title says I REVEAL they are all together in one spooky family.  I was inspired by Edward Gorey, Gothic architecture, Victorian mysteries and the know....all things magical and spooky....of course!