Fairytale of the Bunny Girl: "Mysterious Journey" Print & Original Ready to Buy

I'm excited to announce that the bunny girl painting and archival prints are ready to buy.  This painting is a fairytale about a bunny girl who has a magical arm chair to take her on many mysterious adventures.  During this adventure, she has visited a mysterious land and is returning home victorious with treasure in tow.  You can only imagine the vile creatures she must have outwitted to win these chests full of priceless objects.

However, it looks like she isn't home yet.  She must navigate a treacherous river in the sky.  Will she make it through the rapids, staying the course?  If not, could she fall to her death to the ground below?  She looks determined.  She has made it this far on her mysterious journey.  You must believe she'll make it through the danger.   

Bunny girls are reoccurring characters in my dark fairytale artwork.  They are girls who are full of curiosity and are daring explorers.

You can see the work in progress at this link from a sketchy idea to this completed fairytale painting and many mistakes along the way until, I got it just right.