How We Discovered The Long Awaited Secret: Her Magical Creature Pt. 2

I really believe everyone has magic...and not just that.....I believe they are magical creatures who have forgotten their true nature.  I tell people this all the time.  They nod and think it's nice.  But it finally dawned on me that they may need help with this.  It may seem impossible to access this forgotten information, so I decided to draw their magical creatures for them.  Sophia wanted to know hers and took a leap of faith with me to go through the process to discover her magical creature.

Sophia is a beautiful and deeply intuitive woman who exudes wisdom and love.  I asked her to tell me who her favorite fictional character and her favorite animal were.  She told me they were Wonder Woman and dolphins.  I wasn't sure what that meant her magical creature was.  It made me think and think and think for about 1 week.  

It came to me while I was sketching and drawing in my sketchbook....not Sophia's magical creature....just doodles.  In that relaxed state, it came to me naturally that Sophia was a mind reading mermaid!  Of course!  It made perfect sense!  

Stay tuned for my next blog post where you'll get to see this drawing colored and I'll tell you Sophia's reaction on discovering that she is a magical, mind reading mermaid.  You don't want to miss part 3.