The Spooky Tale Behind Claire & Dare's Secret Garden Chalk Drawing Part 1

Before I learned that the Pacific Northwest of the United States (where I currently live) was an area full of ghosts, the supernatural and has a long history of serial killers, I often thought this would make a great setting for a horror story or a dark fairy tale.  I mean, the woods which surround this region are thick, dark and full of mist and mystery.  The rain is oppressively grey and the clouds hang suffocatingly low which can last for weeks straight.  There are dark ravines where you could easily trip and fall, be knocked unconscious and leave no trace of where you were.  I'm saying it's creepy and spooky....and well....I love it.  

To say this area was the inspiration for my latest chalk drawing, "Claire and Dare's Secret Garden" could be true, but it's more than that.  When I started learning more about the Pacific Northwest and all its spooky tales, folklore and history, I stumbled across this creepy story about two masked, little girls (I imagined as bunny girls) who were spied skipping through the forest.  

I wanted to know more.....where were they seen?  How long had this been happening?  Did it go back for years?  When were they first spied?  Did anyone ever talk to them?  Were they blithe spirits or did they seem malevolent?  I had to know.  I decided to look into it further and see what I could discover.   

I will tell you what I can uncover, letting you know if I get any answers or if it just leads to more questions.  This is the beginning of my ongoing investigation to solve the mystery.  Stay tuned for more.