How to Create a Secret Magical Garden Out of Chalk (in 9 Easy Steps)

Yessiree!  When you watch this how-to-video, you'll discover how to create a secret, magical garden----out of chalk---in 9 easy step (okay, maybe, it wasn't so easy).

On a misty, grey October morning, it bloomed to life.  Click on the video to see it unfold before your very eyes.  

It really did unfold before many eyes because I was invited to the Beaverton Art Mix where I drew my heart out for 8 hours in front of whoever stopped to watch (Thank you friends and fans who came to watch).

I created this magical garden complete with 2 ghostly looking bunny girls. In my upcoming blog posts, I'll tell you more about the bunny girls, Claire & Dare (they have a very mysterious story).  Yep, stay tuned and I'll reveal more secrets and magic to you.