3 Reasons to Love the Secret Society of Magical Creatures

What?  There are only 3 reasons to love The Secret Society of Magical Creatures?  No, no, no.  That's not what I said.  I'm sure there are many more reason to love them, but here are just 3 I thought of right now.  You know, just quickly.  Just off the top of my head.  Go ahead and think up more reasons.  I dare you.

#1 Mysterious costumes:

In each Secret Message (episode), there is a costumed girl.  Who is she? Why does she wear that costume?  Does she ever explain it?  In Secret Message 3, (How to Discover Your Magical Creature), she clues you in.

#2 Secret Documents:

Each Secret Message has a new secret document for you to procure (download) for free.  The illustrations are magical and the documents explain how to find your own magic.  It's so fun and interactive.  You get to participate in this magical world.

#3 Magical Animated GIFs:

Secret Message 5 of The Secret Society of Magical Creatures

With each new secret message (new episode), there is a new animated gif that's released.  It really feels like there's some kind of magic going on and you really want to be a part of that magical world.

That's the whole point of The Secret Society of Magical Creatures.   It's there to be a world for you discover your own magic. You are the creator of the magic.  It doesn't get more magical than that.  What are your reasons for loving the secret society?