Whatever Happened to That Sketchbook You were going to Paint upOn for the winner of your newsletter contest? (WIP)

Yeah, I know.....thanks for asking....I never did let you know what happened to that sketchbook.  I left you high and dry, didn't I?  Sorry.  Sorry.  Last time you saw it, there was nothing on the cover.  Well, take a look below.  It got better.  Here's how it went: 

I was going to paint a vicious wolf on it who was tearing apart a helpless bunny....But when I talked to the winner of my newsletter contest, I found out he was a much more docile fellow than those violent images.  I also discovered that he loves riding bikes, helping his community, and he lives where it rains all the time.  

Sketchbook Cover-Fox-Penny-Farthing-Melicious1900

I thought about it for a while and I finally came up with a fox who is riding on an old fashioned bike (a penny farthing) and who is helping his fellow animals stay dry in the rain.  I felt like the winner saw the positive side of everything in life so I added a happy statement in some hand-lettering on the bottom of the sketchbook.  It says, "Possible Together".  I thought this would inspire him to keep on keepin' on.  I hoped every time he picked up the sketchbook, it would fill him with happiness and uplifting energy.    

You can see the whole process below from the beginning sketches to the completed painting in my little video.  

When I gave it to him, he said he loved it and he'll always cherish it.  I was so happy to hear that.  That makes it all worth it.