Who Can Inspire You? Well, You Can! 3 Places To Check for Self Inspiration

You're alive, right?  I assume you are since you're here with me reading this. (But if you're a zombie or a vampire, let's talk.  I have some questions for you.)  Well, chances are if you've gotten through life this far, you've already gotten through tough times and you've already done some kick-ass stuff to get through them.  

A detail of my painting "Out-running the Hounds of Hell" with inspiration that you have already kicked-ass!

A detail of my painting "Out-running the Hounds of Hell" with inspiration that you have already kicked-ass!

Are you having a hard time remembering?  Are you in the midst of feeling overwhelmed like nothing is working; nothing is going right?  Here are some places to look to jog your memory and get self-inspiration:

  1. Ask your friends to tell you times when you kicked-ass.  They'll remember the times you inspired them by telling them to stick to their passions.  They'll tell you how grateful they  were when you lent them money.  They'll tell you that you helped them move or made them a meal or just listened when they were feeling down.
  2. Look through your old journals, or sketchbooks or writings.  I know not everyone does this, but if you do, go back and read something from a few years ago.  You'll see how much progress you've made.  You've grow up.  You've solved problems.  You've gotten better at drawing.  Your writing has improved.  Seeing this reminds you that you're not stuck and your circumstances are temporary.  You can change and learn.
  3. Find mementos or photos of you when you were a kid.  When you look at how little you were and how little you knew,  you'll remember that you know more now and you've come a long way from there.  You've scraped your knees from falling off your bike and got back up to live another day and to grow new skin.  You've lived through being teased for a bad hair day and consequently you've grown kind and understanding when someone else has bad hair days.  Yeah, for whatever seemed awful, you've turned it around and used it as an opportunity to grow and improve.  

I know you've got lots of things  you've gotten through to inspire you to keep on, keeping on.  Please share some of those times in the comments below.  Then we can inspire each other too.