How I Showed My Dying Uncle What He Meant to Me

My uncle died a few weeks ago.  He was one of the few relatives for whom I truly felt a deep affection.  He had been there when I needed a place to stay (after I moved back to the USA from France).  He tried to teach me Japanese since I am half Japanese and he was full Japanese (I know French much better).  I admired the way he could make anything grow in his backyard or community garden.  I loved how he literally salvaged junk left on the curb and fixed it up to make a treasure that people bought.  He was an inspiration....well....even with him gone...he still is an inspiration.  I think he touched many people's lives, just like mine.  Here is what I created for him before he died to let him know how much he meant to me.  

It had to be something that showed him I loved him, that I looked up to him and that he was truly special to me.  

All my art is usually a metaphor about a feeling or roles we play.  I think you can guess why I chose to depict my Uncle as the tree and me as the little bunny.

But if not, it's because he was so much about nature and building community and giving.

I chose myself to be the bunny because I love to hop and play and because they are my favorite animal.  

When he saw my card, it made him smile and laugh. I'm glad I could express what he meant to me before he died.  

I really loved him.  

If you too would like an inspirational bunny card that will express your love to your family and friends, you can download it for free here.