How to Start a Mysterious Journey: Part III

If you remember my post from a few days ago, my "Armchair Traveling" painting didn't look like much.  It was kind of all muddy and unclear what was happening.  Yeah, it was down right mysterious.  What was going on in that image?  I told you to trust me.  It was just a small step in a big journey. 

Well, look how far I've come from my last post.  I have made quite a lot of progress. That little girl looks pretty cute as well as determined.  I'm starting to like her a lot.  I think she's going to make it to her destination....wherever that may's a mystery.

Wish us luck.  We still have a long way to go, but it's looking good.  We may very well take some names and kick some ass.....I mean painting wise.....we really mean no one any harm.  I assure you no fowl or bunny girl was harmed during this painting.  

I can't wait to keep painting.  I'll let you know how it's progressing in a few days.