How to Start a Mysterious Journey Painting Part V: Beware of the Water

Maybe, it's fitting that painting the water in this mysterious journey is giving me a hard time.  I mean, after all, the bunny girl is not going to have the easiest time navigating in a river in the sky, right? (Yes, it's a river in the sky.)  She could slip out of the current and....well....she could her death.  Now, if that's not tough, I don't know what is.  Yes, beware of the water.

Here's what I've tried so far with the water. I've tried making it wild and windy and loose.  No sir!  I don't like it!  All the water looks like is fluffy clouds.  It doesn't work.

So what's next?  Try the opposite of course!  Make it ordered and rendered and detailed.  The wavy lines in the water will  help me do that.

I keep painting, painting, painting.  I'll get it right sooner or later.  Of course, I'll keep you posted.