How to Start a Mysterious Journey Part VI: Are We There Yet?

This mysterious journey painting seems like its taking forever.  Will I ever get done?  Do you think the bunny girl is sick of paddling?  Will her trusty seagull first mate just fly the coop because it's taking too long?

I'm almost there.  Bare with me a little longer....bunny girl.....seagull first mate.....anyone else who is following the work in progress.  

I like the water now. It's clearly a river in the sky now.  You won't mistake it for clouds.  Hmmm......but......I don't really like that abrupt darkness behind the water currents.  I'll make it a little softer.

Alright.  How's that? It's more subtle.  It's more dreamy.  Oh wait.  That looks a little bit too different that the scupltured looking waves in front of them.  I'll add more detail to them.

And what else?  You're saying I got the words wrong on the flag?  Yep.  The first word should be, "VENI" not "VENDI".  Oh damn!  Ok.  Ok.  A correction is needed.  I can do that.  And a few more finishing touches.  I swear we'll almost there.  I'll be done next time.