Part 1/3: How We Discovered Abby's Magical Creature

If you want to discover your magical creature, it starts by answering 3 questions.  Then it takes trust and time to uncover it from its hiding place.  Abby put her trust in me.  She answered the 3 very important questions that helped me figure out her magical creature:

  1.   What is your favorite animal?
  2.   Who is your favorite character?
  3.   What power have you always wanted to have?

Like the other magical creatures that I helped uncover (Linda's elf & Sophia's mermaid), I needed about a week to ponder and think.  It doesn't just come automatically.  It's almost a ritual.  I doodle.  I play with ideas in my head.  After nights of sleeping on it, her magical creature seems to appear like in a dream.

In Part 2/3 (next time), I'll let you know Abby's answers and let you see the work in progress of her magical creature.