Part 2/3: How We Discovered Abby's Magical Creature

Abby is a refined woman who has a soft voice and gentle manner, but there is a wild side to her that you can catch glimpses of if you pay attention to her.  It's the silver shoes with the understated outfit that say, 'I'm not as cut and dry as you think'.  When she told me her favorite animals are wild cats like tigers and panthers, that was not a surprise.  She's very musically talented and she has a keen eye for details, so when she said her favorite character was Mary Poppins that wasn't a surprise either.  Finally, she told me the power she always wanted was to read minds.

To be able to see in the hearts and minds of all creatures who you came across would be a power that would take a very noble person to use for good.  With what little I know about Abby, I got the feeling she'd want this power to help and heal others.

But all her answers had me really stumped for a while.  I had a hard time coming up with her magical creature.  How did Mary Poppins relate to tigers and panthers?  And what about mind reading?  What magical creature could she be?

Several nights and many sketches later, it came to me.  As I rose one morning, I had it.  I had it.  She was a mind reading fairy!  Of course!  Of course, she was!  Her magical sidekick was a leopard who could also mind read and she would go nowhere without her magical, mushroom know....just like Mary Poppins.

In Part 3/3 (next time), I'll show you how all this work in progress finishes up and I'll tell you what she thought of it when I gave it to her.