Part 3/3: How We Discovered Abby's Magical Creature

Finally, I knew Abby's magical creature was a very special fairy who could mind read and who had a magical mushroom umbrella and a magical leopard as her sidekick.  Now, I could draw and color her magical creature.  It still took a few days to get the drawing and colors just right.

I knew the drawing had to be playful and fun, while at the same time mysterious and maybe a little scary.  And how do you portray a power like mind-reading?  That's a bit hard since it's not something that's tangible with eyes, ears or mouth.  I had to do it symbolically.  I thought having a 3rd eye in the forehead conveyed the concept and also gave it the sense of wisdom and nobleness.  

How would this refined lady receive this drawing?  I admit, I was a little nervous.  She had put her trust in me.  Would she think it fit her?  Would she enjoy my drawing?  

I had nothing to worry about.  When she got it, she told me she really love it.  Blue was her favorite color so she was excited that there was so much blue in the drawing.  She said she was going to get it framed that day and show it off to everyone. I was so happy to hear that.  I hoped every time she looks at it, it will remind her of her magic.

If you too would like me to help you discover your magical creature, please send me a secret message at this link.