Risky Art Business: 4 Daring Art Projects I Did in 2016

It's that time to look back and reflect on the art I created in 2016.  This past year, I took some daring risks trying things I never did before and pushing my limits of comfort.  Some with good results.  Some with bad results.  But I have to say, in the end, I was glad I did them because they taught me so much....and.....well....now I have bragging right......really, that's all that matters.  I kid, I kid.  But it is fun to be able to say I took the risk on some daring art projects in 2016.

#1 DARING ART PROJECT:  Chalk Art Story Hunt:  (< click on the link to discover more photos + more kiss-ass moments)

WHAT:  I created a 3 day event in June that told the tale of a mermaid who wants to find what is making an enticing scent.  It keeps tickling her nose even under the water.

HOW:  I drew 3 drawings each day on the sidewalk in various locations around Downtown Portland, Oregon.  It started in the Pearl District behind Powell's bookstore.  Each day, I'd start drawing at 8:30am and not quit until 4:30pm.  I left arrows between the drawings for people to follow and find all the pictures.

RESULTS:  I proved I could do a crazy-ass, 3-day, street art project and live to tell the tale.  I hoped it would gain more attention for my art and what I'm trying to do (reminding you that you've got magic).  I fell extremely short of my goals.  But I learned that I should have done a few things in advance like have a card to pass out when people asked me who I was and like telling more newspapers and magazines in my local area before the event.  

#2 DARING ART PROJECT:  Monster Drawing Rally: (< click on the link to discover more photos + the 2 drawings I sold)

WHAT:  I participated in a fundraising art event, "The Monster Drawing Rally", for the children's art programs at the Portland Art Museum.  100 artists drew in 3 shifts for 1 hour (that's 33 artist per hour) while crowds watched them create art.  Each artist drew as much as they could within that time limit.   After the drawings were completed, each one was sold for $35.

HOW:  I prepared for it by practicing what I could draw in 1 hour.  I really was afraid I couldn't finish a drawing in 1 hour.  In the weeks before it, I practiced at home, so when the evening came I was able to do 2 drawing in 1 hour.  I was really nervous with a huge crowd watching what I drew.  Despite the jittery nerves, I really got into it and had a lot of fun. 

RESULTS:  I learned I could do some pretty good drawing in 1 hour.  I didn't know I had it in me.  I also got to see how excited people were to see me draw.  That was so fun to be a part of people's excitement.  Both of my drawings sold right away.  All the money went to the museum.  This was an act of charity for a very worthwhile program.  I donated my time and skills to them.  I didn't gain a lot of new followers or make a bunch of art sales after it from my website, even though I passed out a bunch of cards that told about my art and where to find more of it.  Despite not hitting the mark, I gave myself a pat on the back for thinking ahead this time on how to be remembered and how to stay in contact with interested fans. 

#3 DARING ART PROJECT:  Beaverton Chalk Art Drawing Event:  (< click on the link to discover more photos + the complete work in progress)

WHAT:  I was accepted into a juried chalk drawing competition at the Beaverton City Library in West Portland, Oregon.  We had 8 hours to complete a 4'x4' chalk drawing and then have a jury vote on the winners who got cash prizes.   

HOW:  Before the event, I sketched out possible drawings to do.  I wanted to draw something mysterious and magical.  I decided on a ghost story called, "Claire & Dare's Secret Garden".  I brought all my boxes of chalk and my cards to pass out.  I also brought a sign up list if anyone wanted to join my Insider's Newsletter.  I drew and drew and drew until the deadline (8am-4pm).  

RESULTS:  I was exhausted.  It got really hard towards the end.  I really didn't expect to get so tired.  Fortunately, we could have some help if we wanted on our drawing.  A friend who came to watch and lend support ended up also helping me fill in the big spaces that just needed several layers of chalk.  I was so thankful.  I don't know that I could have finished it without his help.  I didn't win any place, but I got a few more newsletter subscribers.  That felt like a win to me.

#4:  The Secret Society of Magical Creatures:  (< click on the link to discover more about this mysterious and ongoing art project)

WHAT:  I created a fantasy adventure for those who want to discover their magical creature. Each week, a new Secret Message episode (a mysterious video on the YouTube channel, "The Secret Society of Magical Creatures") reveals a new secret of how to discover more of your magic.  Plus, there is a Secret Document for each Secret Message episode that you can download for free when you get on the Secret List.  

HOW:  Since October, I've been creating these videos.  Several months before then, I planned out what and how I want to create this fantasy adventure.  At the end of November, I released the first one.  I am a one-woman show at the moment, writing the episodes, creating the art, editing the videos, making the Secret Documents and releasing them each week.  I'm not sure how long it will go. But I've committed to doing at least 20.  So far, 5 have been released.  

RESULTS:  I'm still figuring out the impact this is having and will have.  At the very least, I'm having a lot of fun and it really feels like I'm doing something that could touch the lives of many people.  Every time, I tell someone about it, they get really excited.  I've even had people ask me if they could share it with their friends and family.  Of course, I'd love that.  That's why I created it.  I want everyone to discover their magical creature.  I'm excited to see how far this will go.  Maybe, you're interested?  If so, click on the links above.