How We Discovered Linda's Magical Creature: Part 3 of 3

I finally came up with Linda's magical creature from her 3 replies.  It took my subconscious about a week to figure it out.  There was that ah-ha moment where I exclaimed, "I got it!"  She was a lithe and happy elf with a magical bow and arrow to connect anything or anyone that she desired.  Her 2 headed dog was her faithful, magical sidekick, helping her hunt down the connections she needed and desired.

I roughly sketched it out in ball point pen (like I always do because it's my favorite to draw with), then I made the image come to life by fleshing it out and making it look 3 dimensional (we call that rendering).  It looked good like this, but with some select color (in colored pencils) the image popped off the page.  There's something magical about the drawing when it has shadows and highlights to make it look almost like you could reach out and touch the plants, animals and people.

I thought I did a great job and sent it off to Linda.  This whole time, I did not tell her what I had been doing or what I had discovered.  I was thankful that she put her trust in me.  She didn't mind it being a surprise.

When she received it, she was thrilled.  She thought it was so good that she shared it on her facebook account.  This public display is always such a compliment and shows me that she really was happy with being a magical elf as her magical creature.

She told her connections that I can create magical creatures for them too.  Yes, it's true.  I happily help others discover their magical creatures and draw them so they are always reminded of their magic.  Send me a secret message to get an estimate.