6 Ferocious Sketches That Inspired My Halloween Chalk Drawing

I do a lot of sketches with the intention to do nothing with them.  It's really for my own pleasure.  You know....like dancing alone in your bedroom where you don't worry if anyone is watching or if you have some bad dance moves. Some of my sketches are horrible.  Some of them are alright.  And others seem to want to become something more. 


Over the past few months, I had been doing these little sketches of girl in ferocious animal masks.  I loved how angry and scary they looked.  I shared them with a friend and we had a fun time talking about them.  I thought there was something to them.  He did too.


When I got the chance to do a Halloween themed chalk drawing last week at the East Creative Collective (thank you), I thought it was time to take out these angry girls in their ferocious animals masks.  You can see that not all of them made an appearance in the final chalk drawing.  But there's always next year.  Maybe, they'll be popping up next spring or summer somewhere in Portland, Oregon or beyond.