A few months ago, an art magazine called, "Octopus" contacted me and asked if they could use my chalk drawing in their magazine. I was quite flattered and happy to oblige them. They were happy to be able to feature my work because they felt like I was getting out there and doing something different with my art.  I was so excited about this opportunity that I decided to surprise them with a chalk drawing of an octopus.

"Topiary Octopus" chalk drawing for "Octopus" magazine by Melissa Kojima.

"Topiary Octopus" chalk drawing for "Octopus" magazine by Melissa Kojima.

They interviewed me, had me give them the background story on my topiary chalk drawings and they paid me for my work.  I kept asking them when it would be published, so I could share it with everyone. It was suppose to be out and ready to purchase by the end of October.  

A couple days ago, they contacted me and told me that the magazine has been put on hold indefinitely.  They just haven't been able to pin down certain things that they needed like advertisers, a good graphic design, and a good deal on publishing and distribution. I guess that's just the name of the game when it comes to publishing.

I said I understood because I know they wanted to do it right, not just half-assed to get it out the door.  I admire that commitment to quality and to creating something special. It reminds me of what great artists do.  

Still, I'm sad that my "Topiary Octopus" chalk drawing may never get in the pages of "Octopus" magazine.  In any case, here it is now for you to enjoy.