How the Quirky Dog of Hell Became the Ferocious Killer: My Post-It for the Giant Robot 2017 Art Show

This is has been the 6th year I've been invited to be in the Post-It Art show at Los Angeles's Giant Robot.  To be honest, I'm not counting.  Maybe, it's been more years than that.  I know it's not less.  This 2017 year, I decided to draw something that everyone liked when I did my Inktober drawings (you can see them on my Instagram account here).


It was a kind of cute and quirky dog from hell that had that gothic and charming Edward Gorey quality to it.  I liked the funny, little, front paws as it was running along.  Who is he kidding?  He's not scaring anyone.  If he caught up to you, you'd just giggle at him.  

Run Drawing Inktober 2017-MKojima.png

I decided to up the ante with my post-it art.  I beefed him up and gave him a truly terrifying pose.  Now, you'd be pissing yourself if he was running behind you.  If you looked over your shoulder, you would see him lunge at you and you'd run, run, run for your life. 

Ferocious Dog From Hell-MKojima.jpg

This is the only post-It, I drew for the 2017 show.  I hope just the right freak will find this ferocious killer and they'll live happily ever after.