Here's What Happens When a Sasquatch Hooks Up With a Bunny Girl (My Pacific Wonderland Painting)

I'm surprised how many great opportunities keep finding me from doing all those sidewalk chalk drawings.  Most recently, a gallery (ZB Gallery in Sherwood, OR)  saw my chalk drawings on Instagram and wanted my art in their gallery.  That is always flattering to hear that your art is wanted.  They invited me to their "Pacific Wonderland" group art show, asking me to create work that showed what I loved about the Pacific Northwest.  I thought about it.  Well, it's the spooky stories about serial killers and sasquatches, bunny girls that you meet at cafes, mysterious landscapes and old creepy buildings, like Pittock Mansion

Mel Pacific Wonderland Promo Graphic.jpeg

What would I get if I put all those things together in one image?  What would happen if a sasquatch and a bunny girl hooked up?  Where would it be?  What would they do?  In my world, this would be quite an innocent hooking up. I thought they'd go on an adventure together under the cloak of night and guided by starlight.


As you can see, I managed to get those 2 characters together in my painting.  I think they are going to have a lot of fun wherever they go.  The gallery was delighted to receive it and added it to their promos for the show.  I was thrilled to get such great exposure of my painting.


I made the journey out to Sherwood (30 minutes south of downtown Portland) for the opening night and met the gallery owners.  They were so kind and appreciative of my art.  I really was touched by their interest in what I'm creating.  They even asked if they might convince me to do a solo show with them in the future.  I would definitely think about it.  If you're interested in purchasing my little "Pacific Wonderland" painting, please contact the gallery.  Below is my statement and bio for the show.

Bio: Illustrator Melissa Kojima thinks she is ill-fitted to her pint-sized human form and sometimes fancies herself as a black, fire breathing dragon because it would more adequately house her larger than life personality and energy. With her verve and vivacity, she has been creating strange, mysterious and magical art for over 20 years. Some of her favorite projects have been to create; fantastical animal opera masks for the Loyola Marymount University opera department, a downloadable DIY, paper fairy mobile for a children’s website in New Zealand and a chalk art story hunt about a mermaid all over downtown Portland, Oregon. She has sold art in galleries and been hired to illustrate many books. She is currently working on a series of ghost paintings and fantastical creature sculptures. If you want to have a peek into her strange, secret world, visit: or

Statement: “Pacific Wonderland” was a perfect theme for my fantastical artwork because people always tell me my work reminds them of “Alice in Wonderland” and because I love living here in the Pacific Northwest. In my painting, which has the same name as the theme of the show, I imagined a magical moment when a sasquatch befriends a bunny girl (a reoccurring character in my artwork) and they decide to go on an adventure to Pittock Mansion. The Pacific Northwest is a place of strange tales, mysterious landscapes and many places to go on adventures. I hope my painting has captured that.