Fairytale Art to Guide the Way Out of the Hell of Depression (My Art at Ford Gallery)

During November 2017, I got into a group art show about "Self-Care & De-stigmatizing Depression" (at Ford Gallery).  I had to write a statement about my experience with depression and how my art has helped me take care of myself during it.  My child-like/fairytale-like art is always telling the stories that guide me out of the hell of giving up, dying and self-loathing----or in other words----the hell of depression.  


Below is my artist statement for the show.  You can view all my paintings closer-up in in detail at this link to my online gallery.

How To Overcome the Darkness of Suicidal Thoughts & Come Out With Gold

I consider myself a recovering suicide addict....not because I have attempt it....but because I’ve been addicted to thoughts and plans of it since I was a teenager. As I’ve come to learn how to take care of myself, I’ve realized all those thoughts were addictions like alcohol, drugs or compulsive behaviors because like those abusive habits I engaged in those thoughts to avoid what I really needed to do to take care of yourself. Suicidal thoughts were my ultimate way to avoid dealing with painful feelings, abusive relationships and self-deprecating behaviors.

As I weaned myself from those thoughts and little by little faced the mess I was in, I came back to my art and created allegories, fables and fairytales for myself that foretold how I could get out of the darkness.

”Out-Running the Hounds of Hell” is about hanging on to hope, just like the little girl holding on to the spring flower, even when you think you can no longer run, there is no escape and your feet are giving out, there is always hope.

”How to Catch Yourself” is about feeling like you’re falling to your death and not knowing what to do, but knowing somehow, someway you’ll find the answers within yourself when you surrender to whatever you were avoiding.

”A House Divided” is about realizing that if you ever want to feel whole, accepted and truly loved, it starts with self-love which means finding self-compassion for that part that you were ashamed of and thought wasn’t good enough for the light of day.

”Armchair Traveling” is about overcoming many treacherous situations....the ones you wanted to avoid..... and gaining treasures after going through them. There is always gold on the other side of your fears.

Who else has felt this way? Who else wants to heal and find their way back home? I’ve created an allegory—fairytale—fable all your own at: www.SecretSocietyOfMagicalCreatures.com