3 Ways To Prove You're Magical at the Secret Society of Magical Creatures

Have you ever played a game with a group of people and as much as you tried, you just couldn't get ahead?  You kept losing so you kept feeling worse.  The people around you started to laugh at you, snickering and whispering behind their hands when it was your turn.  As your palms sweated and you lost your concentration on the game, you felt like there could be no one more stupid than you.  It was the opposite of fun.

You wished you could be like that one guy who kept winning every turn, who was given high fives and slaps on the backs.  Everyone cheered him on.  He smiled as you frowned.  You wanted to be treated like you were a winner too with everyone looking up to you and admiring you.  You wanted to laugh, have fun and be included instead of feeling like you didn't belong there.

How could you change the tables around? How could you prove you had some magic within you?

In The Secret Society of Magical Creatures, we know how you feel and we have a way for you to prove your magic.  It has 3 levels.  They are all simple and easy.  They can all be done with what you are best at-----that is------being yourself.   


A Dimmer is the first step to starting your magical journey in The Secret Society of Magical Creatures.  It is someone who has forgotten that s/he is a magical creature and doesn't know what his/her magical creature and powers are yet.  It's easy to become a Dimmer.  You take the leap of faith that you are a magical creature and you sign The Secret Oath!  Return it to the Secret Society and they'll send you your Official Membership Badge. You're in!  You're a member!  Wasn't that easy?



After you're an official member and you're a Dimmer.  The next level is Dazzler.  This is also easy.  You fill in the Secret Document that gives you the Secret Formula to discover your magical creature.  All you need to fill it out is things you already know----that is----a few of your favorite things.  Once you have made this amazing discovery, turn in your Secret Document to the Secret Society and they will give you your Dazzler Badge!  You've already proven your magic at the beginning of your magical quest.  Wasn't that fun?  



The highest level you can attain and really prove you are magical is the Drazer level.  This is the level you achieve after you have defeated your Ruprat.  What's a Ruprat?  It's the evil, corrupt rat who is your nemesis on your magical quest.  The Secret Society leads you on this quest, step-by-easy-step, so that can make it safely and triumphantly through your magical quest.  Once you defeat your Ruprat, you contact the Secret Society and they give you your Drazer Badge.  You've proven you have magic----lots of magic!  

Where is this Secret Society?  When will they start a new adventure?  It's right under you nose at this link, The Secret List.  Whenever you're ready, sign up at the Secret List and start getting the Secret Messages to be taken on a magical adventure.  You do it at your own pace.  As you get through it, you gain more and more magic.  In the end, you have plenty of bragging rights and badges to prove it.  You are a winner.  You are a magical creature who belongs in The Secret Society of Magical Creatures!