The Beginning of A Magical Collaboration (Between Faerie Magazine & Dark Fairytale Art)

Recently, I discovered an enchanting magazine called, "Faerie Magazine".  The title was the first thing to attract me.  When I opened its cover,  I saw the gorgeous pictures and spreads and was smitten even further.  Finally, I read the articles and couldn't believe how well they were written and how there were actually people who believed and felt similar things to me about magic and fairytales.  

I had to write them a letter of appreciation....but not just any letter.....a very special letter to let them know that they had touched my heart and they were special to me.  

When they received it, they loved it so much they asked if they could share it with their newsletter subscribers.  Below is what they shared and what they wrote.

You can also email us just to express your love, of course. Reader Melissa Kojima of Dark Fairytale Art went a step further and sent us this gorgeous handmade card with a beautiful note inside about how moved she was by our autumn "vintage & Victoriana" issue (and gave us permission to post it here)

When we got in contact with each other, we also discussed some kind of collaboration.  We were both excited to do something magical together.  I gave them some ideas of what we could do.  They chose one and you will see it in their next issue, March 2017, The Warriors & Goddesses Issue.  You will have to wait until then to see what magic we brewed up together.  Let me just say it will be a special gift for everyone to play with.