How to Speak Like A Magical Creature in the Secret Society

If anyone ever made you feel like you were stupid......if someone made you feel like you weren't good enough to hang out with them.....if you felt that wasn't fair.....then listen up.....because we want you to know that they were wrong.  Yep!  They were wrong.  

They might have whispered in front of your face like they were laughing at you or spoken in codes to make you feel like they were better than you.  No more.  It's your turn to be in on a secret that they don't know.  What secret is that?  

You get your own secret language when you become a member of the Secret Society of Magical Creatures.  Now, you get to speak in front of them like a magical creature.  

This mysterious society has words that are magical and hold the secrets to you becoming your magical creature and to discovering  your magical quest.  You can get all the secret language in a secret book at this link.  When you memorize the language, you become magical.  In fact, you hold the keys to becoming the magical creature that The Secret Society know you are.  Get all the secrets by clicking on the link above.