Who Else Wants to Go on a Magical Quest Like Harry Potter?

When I read Harry Potter, I could relate to him being ignored and being abused by his cousin, aunt and uncle (The Dursleys).  It made me angry how they treated him like trash and like he was a burden upon them.  I knew what it was like not to fit in and yet to try.  Could you relate to this injustice?  Did you want some kind of revenge for the years of his mistreatment?  Discovering that he had magic felt like the most satisfying revenge he could get.  They thought he was nothing, but it turned out he was more amazing than they could have imagined.   

I had wanted my whole life for something like that to happen to me too.  You know, like guess what?  You're not really a loser.  You're not really just a misfit.  You've got something special that no one else has.  Plus,  you get to go on a magical quest and prove how amazing you are.  Who else wanted to go on a magical quest like Harry Potter?

Years later, I stumbled upon a whole world for those who felt like they didn't quite fit in, and who were daring and itching for adventure.  They looked danger straight in the eye without flinching.  Maybe, they even snarled to bring it on.  This world is "The Secret Society Of Magical Creatures".  And now, they have a complete book to guide you to discovering  your very own magical creature and magical quest.  Click on the link to get your book and to get your revenge for being ignored and abused.