Who Else Likes Strange Stories & Strange Art?

THERE WAS ONCE A DAZZLING AND MAGICAL CREATURE who was unlike any other creature in the world.  She was unique and amazing.  But she felt awkward and strange because she had forgotten that she had magic.  

IT BECAME A HABIT TO HUNCH OVER as she sat, stood or walked around.  She hoped no one would look at her and notice how strange she was.  Having no friends, she felt lonely, but she didn't know how to fit in.   One day as she was bumbling along, hunched over, not paying attention to where she was going, she stumbled down a hill.

TUMBLING OVER AND OVER, DOWN A STEEP INCLINE, she shut her eyes.  Her fall was finally stopped by something hard against her side.  It knocked the wind out of her lungs.  Lying on the ground, catching her breath, she felt pain all over.  She opened her eyes to see where she had landed and to check for any cuts and bruises, but it was so dark she could not see her hand in front of her face.  

SHE STOOD UP, hoping her blindness was only a dizzy spell from the fall.  The darkness persisted.  Her heart jolted with fear.  She was lost, alone and blind.  How would she get back home?  What if there were monsters lurking in the darkness who could see that she was blind?  How would she escape them?  She didn't know.  She couldn't think.  But her impulse was to run to safety.  That meant light.  Where was some light?  

SHE CAUGHT A GLIMPSE of a glowing ember.  Where was it coming from?  Was it a fire in the distance?  No.  It seemed near.  Very near.  She held her hand up to gage its distance from her, then realized the glow was from her heart.  What was happening?  How was this possible? Her hand reflected the faint, orange light coming from her chest.  In this strange, dark land, her heart was a fire.  She was no longer blind. She gathered her courage and took a step forward.  Now, there was hope.   


YOU ARE THIS DAZZLING & MAGICAL CREATURE who is unlike any other creature in the world.  When darkness surrounds you, it can be hard to remember that you have secret powers.  What if you could discover them and your magical creature?  Click on the link to be taken on a magical adventure where you uncover all the secrets of your magic and power.