Who Else Is Living In A Haunted House? Part 3

Where is an exorcist when you need him, right?  I wish it was as easy as a preacher praying over me to expel the ghosts haunting me or I'd even take the Ghost Busters (it might be more fun).  But I've been possessed because I still am hanging onto pain, regret and mistakes.  When I can accept the things that won't change (because they're long gone opportunities), I may be released from their haunting power over me.  That's my theory anyway.  Who has been able to get away from all those hungry ghosts?  How did you do it?  Please tell.   

Now, you can see all those little ghosts coming out of the house and surrounding it.  I think the ones coming out of the eyes are the creepiest.  They're like tears that refuse to dry and go away.  As you can see in the photo above, I was able to finish the ink drawing.

I also found time to give it some creepy color.  The girl is so ghostly and cold looking.  And the ghosts finally pop out from the white paper background.

This Haunted House Girl drawing is finally finished.  Thanks for following the work in progress.  I like the way it turned out, melancholy and sad.  What do you think?  If you liked seeing this drawing, you may also enjoy seeing more of my creepy, strange art.  Click on this link to see more.