What Everyone Ought to Know About Ghosts (Haunted Hat Drawing Part 3)

I've known quite a few people who have had paranormal experiences....like they go into an old building and they feel some presence....it's creepy and cold...they cannot shake the feeling of someone watching them.  Some of my friends have even said the paranormal presence or ghost has pushed them, shaken them and thrown them about....or if not them.....some object like a table thrown across the room.  I have not had any experiences like this.  So I really cannot tell you what you ought to know about ghosts....except to try not to cross their paths.      

But what if the ghosts are not in an old building....and instead....in an object you own? Like a hat?  In my drawing, Haunted Hat, you can see that the haunting is much more personal than a house. 

With the color, the ghosts really pop off the page.  I think it makes everything feel more creepy.  What do you think?  I'm glad this haunted drawing is finished.  If you like it, you may also enjoy my other artwork.  Click here to view more.