5 Strange Things at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally

I had a blast at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally at the Portland Art Museum.  Maybe, it's because I sold my 2 drawings.  Perhaps, it's because I wore my cat ears and stripes.  Possibly, it's because I saw lots of strange things.  More than likely, it's all of them.  But I definitely have a strong attraction to all things strange.  Who else is attracted to strangeness?  Here are 5 strange things I saw at this fun art event where I donated my art and time to raise funds for the children's programs at the museum.

Me, Melissa Kojima, at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally III at the Portland Art Museum.

Me, Melissa Kojima, at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally III at the Portland Art Museum.

#1  Beaded Painted Artist who looked exactly like the art she was creating.  She was pretty strange and awesome.  Enough said.  


#2 Carson Ellis with Headphones.  Who is she?  Well, she just won the Caldecott Medal for her children's book, "Du Iz Tak?" and her husband is the front man for the band "The Decemberists".  People said she was wearing them because she didn't want everyone to approach her and ask for her autograph.  I don't know.  But it was a good way to concentrate on just making some great art, even if it was a bit strange.


#3 Sewing Machine Artist.  I didn't know you could bring a sewing machine to a live art event.  Who knew?  And why not?  Sure.  It keeps everything strange and interesting, right?


#4 Astronaut Artist.  He really is out of this world.  At the very least, he is absolutely strange, right?!  His whole suit made noise and flashed lights.  It was captivating.


#5 My Two Strange Drawings.  I was nervous and tried to do my best in my 60 minutes of drawing.  Here are the strange results; a Haunted Hat Lady & a Secret Lives Cat Lady.  They both sold, so I'm proud that I could help the Portland Art Museum again for the second year in a row of participating.


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