Lastly, Why Not Have a Mysterious Holiday!

Being strange (are you too?), I could not possibly make a normal holiday card. I mean really? Come on! Why would I choose anything but strange? So with my cohort in strangeness (my beau, my soulmate, the love of my life), we created the strangest of holiday cards. We decided to wish everyone on our holiday card list a MYSTERIOUS and MAGICAL holiday. Do you think donning, paper, bunny masks and pretending we were sitting for a tintype photo where we couldn’t move for several minutes (but managed to move anyway and blur the image) did the trick? I mean, was it a great way to put some mystery into the old holiday tradition?


Whatever you think, I hope you do enjoy this holiday season and do something that delights your heart. I think wearing masks is great. How about sporting some animal ears? Anyone for a visit to the Peculiar Museum (Yes, we have that here in Portland, Oregon)?

Here are the outtakes from the photo booth that didn’t make it into the holiday card. I hope they make you laugh. We did when they came out freshly wet from the booth slot. Don’t we look like we’re part of some secret society, especially in that very last one where we are turned to the left? Well, maybe we are. Maybe, we are (wink, wink).