Here's What You Missed at the Bunny Art Show at Candy Babel

If you didn't make it to the Bunny Art Show at Candy Babel, here are 6 things you MISSED:

#1---BUNNY CHALK ART:  What a delight to have it there to greet you and tell you to come on in.  It was on the sign and on the sidewalk.

Bunny Candy Babel Chalk Sign.jpg
Sidewalk Bunnies at Candy Babel.jpg

#2---A HUMONGOUS CANDY BAR:  Colorful candy was everywhere to make your mouth water. 


#3---COLORFUL CHARACTERS:  Yes, even the folks there were colorful and fun, saying hello to everyone.

Colorful Fun Folks at Candy Babel.jpg

#4---A BUNNY GIRL!  Yes, a bunny girl made an appearance (she was also the owner of this candy dynasty).

Bunny Girl at Candy Babel.jpg

#5 LIVE CUDDLY BUNNIES! Yes, I couldn't believe I got to pet and cuddle some cute bunnies!  You could have too.

Live Bunnies at Candy Babel.jpg

#6 BUNNY ART, OF COURSE!  Last but not least, you missed the many pieces of bunny art.  They were so fun.  Some funny.  Some fantastical.  All wonderful...because they were odes to bunnies!

Funny Bunny Art at Candy Babel.jpg
My Vintage Bunny Art at Candy Babel.jpg

You  can see my vintage bunny art in the 3 white frames.  Everyone thought they must have been from an old children's book.  Some people said it looked so familiar like they has seen it somewhere before.  Well, that's what I was going for.  I'm glad my bunny fantasy adventure  hit the mark.