The Saddest News An Artist Can Get

Yes, about a week ago, I received some terrible news.  I was getting ready for the April 2018 Spring Show at a gallery, asking them when I could drop off the artwork to be hung which would have  been over 20 of my pieces.  They sent me a message telling me that they were closing their gallery.  They were going to try some other things, but none of which included an actually brick and mortar gallery.  


I understand.  Times are hard.  And they have always been hard for galleries.  I mean, I know more galleries that crumble than rise.  

This was also the same gallery that was going to give me my first solo show in June 2019.  I made a whole big plan and was working on it already.  Now, my dreams are dashed.  Now, I have to contact all those people who were planning to come to it and who were so proud of me to tell them it's off.  I don't have it anymore. 

I feel so ashamed.

I've been telling a few people about it and they keep offering ideas of where to exhibit the work like saying, try this gallery or that cafe or whatever.  Honestly, I'm not ready to look yet.  I'm just trying to get over my disappointment and feeling of being betrayed and of not being supported in what I do.  

This was the first time someone didn't tell me that my art should be in a kid's book.  I mean, it's the first time someone understood what I was doing and cared about it.  I felt like I could do anything with that kind of support, understanding and encouragement.  

Now, I'm just feeling my sad feelings.  Now, I'm just going to be dedicated to making the art even if I don't have a place to exhibit it.