Mysterious Masked Face Sculptures That Are Also Planters

I’ve been seeing the cutest planters in stores like ones with cat and bunny ears or even a funny, little face on one side. Of course, this makes for a most amusing place to pot your favorite house plant. Imagine the “green hair” growing in with the cat ears or the funny face. They made me smile, so I thought about buying them. Instead, I decided to create my own version. Being an artist of strange things, I thought I could make mine better, or at least, a little, more strange.


They ended up taking a lot more time than I thought they would…a total of about 1 month. Maybe, they were worth the effort. They certainly came out mysterious with those masks. And maybe, they are a little ghostly with so much white skin and clothing. Do you have any funny planters? Would you like a face to make your plant have more personality? Do you think these two planters are part of a Secret Society of Magical Creataures?