You'll Love These Mysterious, Little Portrait Paintings In Gouache (Part 1)

I’d been wanting to try out some gouache paint for a while—-I mean the high quality Holbein kind that stick it to you with the price but give you that lovely velvety mat finish that only a good-quality gouache paint can. Someone had been hearing me say this over and over. Someone must have been sick of me repeating it because I received a set of Holbein gouache for Christmas.

Oh my! Finally! I could try them out! Thank you!

What should I do? How did I want to practice with them? I decided to do a series of little, mysterious portraits. You’ll see my gouache studies in the weeks to come. I didn’t have much time to do them, but it’s sure been fun doing these little studies. Here is the first one; a mysterious little man painting. What do you think? Don’t you love him?

Mysterious Little Man Portrait Gouache Painting-1.jpg