5 Reasons It Is Full of Hidden Beauties: The Selected Artwork Book of Melissa Kojima

Yeah, there are a lot of hidden beauties in the art book I recently compiled and designed. They remain partly in secret and fully lovely for several reasons:

  1. Everyone who sees my art tells me that it is just beautiful, but not very many people have seen my art.

  2. Many of my artworks, whose figures and scenes are quite pretty, are about being hidden or not seen even when you’re out in the open.

  3. My art is also about beauty hiding what is really there and what is really happening, like a mask or curtain covering up loneliness, awkwardness, isolation and feeling worthless.

  4. Despite my art’s storybook-like look and style, it is conveying deep and dark subjects which at first appear whimsical but are, like fairytales, making it palatable enough to brooch the unsavory, difficult subjects.

  5. Lastly, and perhaps the most true reason my art book will keep remain a hidden beauty to you is if you pass up the chance to purchase it.

I only ordered a few of them which are available online here or during my Portland Open Studios visit in October 2019 (2nd and 3rd weekends). I have already sold quite a few of them and really appreciate those who have shown their faith in me and my artwork. If you like my work and want to encourage and support what I create, purchasing it is the best way to show me this. It guarantees my growth and progress and keeps you seeing my amazing art. Thanks for your support. See more of the inside images at this link.

Selected Works Art Book Cover Melissa Kojima.jpg
Digest Zine 1-Cover.jpg