Will You Take the Color Challenge at My Portland Open Studios Visit?

Portland Open Studios starts its annual art studio visits at the end of this week, Saturday, October 12, 2019, which means you don’t have long to wait to take my color challenge should you choose to come to my storybook-land art studio. You’ll get to see my artwork, have a chance to purchase my beautiful art products and get to take the color challenge.

What’s that? I hear you asking me. Well, see the coloring page below? It’s from my artwork, “Kindred Kats”. You’ll get to color it in 2 different ways and see the impact of color on a single image. I don’t want to show you how I colored the original yet, so as not to influence your choices. You could color one dark and somber and the other bright and cheery. One could be colored in shades of candy and the other shades of a beef stew. Try it, try it and you will see. How does each one feel differently? What do the different colors make you think of? I hope to see you there…..er….I mean…..here, my art studio.

Coloring Page to Learn Color-Kindred Kats-Melissa Kojima.jpg