My Art Studio Will Be Open to All Those Seeking Strange, Spooky Artwork (October 2019)

In October 2019, I’ll have my strange art studio open to all those seeking strange artwork, meaning my art with ghosts, fairytale like adventures, Victorian gothic girls and crescent moons. It will be open because I’ll be a part of The Portland Open Studios Art Tour.

One thing at a time is getting into place for this big endeavor of over 100 participating artists. The latest news is that the Portland Open Studios’ website has my artist page up (whoo hoo). Check it out to find out why I create strange art and to learn where my art studio is so you can come visit me (yes, please).


As more and more things are prepared (like a fold-up map with the location of all the artists’ studios) and updated, I’ll be sure to keep you in the know for this exciting art event.