Rehearsal & Count Down to the Creeping Museum Artist Market & Fairytale Salon

I have been busy getting ready for the Creeping Museum’s Artist Market & Fairytale Salon. Besides making many amazing artworks and art goods for this art event, I just did a “dress rehearsal” for it last night. That doesn’t mean I got into a costume and ran through some memorized lines. No, it means I set up my table with my table mate, fellow artist Dave Benz (of Benz & Chang), and we figured out how to make our table look good, fitting in all our art goodies, and realizing what was missing.

We still have a few more things to get done, but we are feeling more prepared than before the “rehearsal”. We’re definitely excited to show you all our eerily, strange and beautiful artwork. See below for a sneak peek of some of the things I’ll be bringing to the artist market.

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, August 24th, 4-9pm at the Alberta Abbey, 126 NE Alberta St. in Northeast Portland, OR. There will be about 40 artists/creatives with all kinds of magical things. The shared artist table for Dave and I will be at the far wall, opposite the stage. See the maps below. The count down begins, so we’ll see you in less than 2 weeks (eeek!).