If You Ever Forget What's Happening, Go to the New Events Page

Things have been heating up for me as an artist. I think it’s because I’ve gotten a lot of support from fellow artists, art event organizers, and galleries to name a few of the people who have helped me and who I’m grateful to. Because of the rising heat, I have events that overlap each other, so I’ve had to really keep close track of everything. I put them on my phone calendar and then I created a new page on my website, “New Events'“.

I’ll be adding all my strange art happenings to this calendar page. If you are ever trying to keep track of what’s happenings, you can always go to the page and find out. BONUS: What’s also great about this calendar is that you can click on any event and then add it to your phone or desktop calendar. I added the location for each event too, so you’ll have the address when you add it to your phone or computer. If you check the months ahead, you’ll see that October will be the craziest month for me with 3 concurrent events. As my art happenings gets closer to the date, I’ll be sure to let you know more.

add to calendar download.png