What Does Cellar Mean to You? A Strange Evening of Shared Creation & Shared Artwork

What does the word cellar mean to you? What images, stories and memories does it conjure up? What would you create with that word as your prompt? Could you finish your art creation within 2 hours?

I was invited to do just that when I attended the Portland, Oregon SHARE which is an invitation only “ bi-monthly event that brings different groups of artists together to create from the same prompt. Artists have two hours to work before sharing their creations.” Below is my drawing for the evening. I didn’t know I’d feel so strange or have such a struggle coming up with artwork for cellar. If you go to their website, you’ll read what made it so problematic for me, plus you’ll see the other artists’ creations from the prompt, cellar.

Melissa Kojima’s drawing from the prompt word, “cellar”.

Melissa Kojima’s drawing from the prompt word, “cellar”.

For me, the best things about the evening were sharing my process/struggle and meeting new creative folks. When we shared, I realized that I wasn’t alone in my art-making experience. Everyone had ups and downs during it. We gave each other hugs at the end before we parted.

Since the evening, I’ve gone to some of their local art events, like gallery opening receptions and art sales. It feels really good to support my fellow artists and expand my world a bit more.