The Voice of Gothic & Creepy Art: My 4 Minute Interview at Monster Drawing Rally 2019

While at the 2019 Monster Drawing Rally, I had a little interview with the Portland Art Museum’s Podcast, in which I answered as many questions as I could within 4 minutes. We chatted about memorable moments at past events (this was my 4th year participating), the kind of art I create (gothic and creepy, of course) and how I deal with the challenge of the limited time to make art during the Monster Drawing Rally. Listen to my answers, laughs and sighs by clicking on the photos links below.


You can also see a little video blurb that OPB did on the Monster Drawing Rally by clicking the photo link above. I didn’t get in their video spot, but this was exactly what I saw, heard and enjoyed during my time there. I even talked to the lady that said she draws women who ruled the world. This was my last year doing it. For most of my 4 years of as participating/donating artist, I really enjoyed it. This year, I realized it’s changed for me and the magic is no longer there like it was before.