2 Big, Bad Art Events I'll Participate In: Coming Real Soon!!!


As you may recall, I’ve been anticipating the Rose City Comic Con for a long time because I paid for my artist table early to get the discounted rate and before all the tables sold out. I’ve talked to other artists who have similar art to mine and they’ve told me this is a good event for them. I’m hoping that will be true for me too. Wish me luck at this big, bad comic book convention, or come by and make sure I have a successful event by dropping by, cheering me on and partaking of my strange art wares. I’ll be at table O06 as you can see in the map below.

RCCC logo.png


This will be the lucky number 13th time that Guardino Gallery will be hosting this big, bad, day of the dead group art show. It will only be my first time to participate. Would you expect me to have candy skull art or skeletons in my artwork? Well, I don’t. Mine is a little bit different and strange than the other art, but hey, would you really expect anything less of me? Come by to see all your favorite kinds of spooky art and a few new, surprising ones like mine. Details are below in the poster.


Top 3 Best Things That Happened at The Creeping Museum's Artist Market (Aug 2019)

Yep, a lot of great things happened at the Creeping Museum’s Artist Market (August 24). Artist Dave Benz of Benz & Chang Studio and I both had a very successful time at the event. Here are the top 3 best things that happened to me:


Yes, I was so happy that right away people at the event responded so positively to my art. Once, the doors opened, I was flooded with customers who were very interested in my art. It was non-stop all that afternoon and evening. My new art book with a selection of artwork from the past 3 years sold several copies (you can get my art book online at the link <——-) I also sold several of my stickers and sticker sets ( you can get them online ——> stickers here). Plus, my museum quality art prints sold several too (especially “Ghost Tears” art print and “Why Couldn’t She Ever Get Warm Enough” art print which you can get online at the links above).

Dave Benz and Me at our Artist Table at The Creeping Museum Artist Market.

Dave Benz and Me at our Artist Table at The Creeping Museum Artist Market.


In previous artist markets, people didn’t seem to understand what my paper puppets were, even though I displayed them in shadow boxes. This time, I tried displaying them on sticks above the DIY prints of them and that seemed to do the trick. They understood, played with them, and wanted them. It felt really good to have such a great response (you can get my paper puppets online here).

Our artist tables with our signs and art displayed attractively, ready for the onslaught of customers.

Our artist tables with our signs and art displayed attractively, ready for the onslaught of customers.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll have read posts about how frustrated I’ve been, not knowing who or where my audience is. By the end of an exhilarating and exhausting day, I finally understood that this is my audience. They too understood what it meant to be strange, to have a pension for antique gothic things and a bit of a macabre sense of humor. There was such an amazing community of people there; the venders and customers, the enthusiast and the attendees who waited in the line around the block to get in (1200 people came to this artist market). I went home feeling apart of a great group of people and have been keeping in touch with them online. I feel so grateful and thankful for all of this.

Our art intern, Ella Jones helped with the artist market table. A big thanks to her.

Our art intern, Ella Jones helped with the artist market table. A big thanks to her.

Come One, Come All to the Spooky & Fantastic Creeping Museum Artist Market

That’s right….you know who you are….you, who loves spooky, magically, dark things….this is the artist market for you. I invite you to a wonderful Saturday afternoon and evening with the Creeping Museum in which they will inspire awe and enchantment in you. I’ll be there with over 40 other amazing artists who will show you a good time with all their dark art goodies. Come one, come all tomorrow, August 24th 4-9pm at Alberta Abbey (126 N.E. Alberta Street in Northeast Portland. Free general admission 4-9pm). See you there.

9x9 Collage-Art From the Strange Land-Melissa Kojima.jpg
Creeping Museum Artist Market-1.png
Creeping Museum Artist Market-Roster.png

If You Ever Forget What's Happening, Go to the New Events Page

Things have been heating up for me as an artist. I think it’s because I’ve gotten a lot of support from fellow artists, art event organizers, and galleries to name a few of the people who have helped me and who I’m grateful to. Because of the rising heat, I have events that overlap each other, so I’ve had to really keep close track of everything. I put them on my phone calendar and then I created a new page on my website, “New Events'“.

I’ll be adding all my strange art happenings to this calendar page. If you are ever trying to keep track of what’s happenings, you can always go to the page and find out. BONUS: What’s also great about this calendar is that you can click on any event and then add it to your phone or desktop calendar. I added the location for each event too, so you’ll have the address when you add it to your phone or computer. If you check the months ahead, you’ll see that October will be the craziest month for me with 3 concurrent events. As my art happenings gets closer to the date, I’ll be sure to let you know more.

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Who Else Feels Strange? My Artist Talk About Being Strange & Creating Strange Art

I came, I saw, I kicked ass….or at least, that’s what I’d like to say about my artist talk last week. Instead, I came with strange questions and left behind some strange answers. I felt fine, during it, talking about being strange and creating strange art. Afterward, I felt awkward and vulnerable and like…like….I dunno…..like…I didn’t fit in. I guess that’s just the risk you take when you put yourself out there. Maybe, that’s just sort of the postpartum depression after giving birth to a talk. I dunno. I didn’t expect that. Let me know if you watch my talk and what you think of it. You can see it by clicking on the photo below.

Melissa Kojima at her artist talk on August 9, 2019 at PDX Commons.  Click on the photo above to watch her full artist talk.

Melissa Kojima at her artist talk on August 9, 2019 at PDX Commons. Click on the photo above to watch her full artist talk.

Rehearsal & Count Down to the Creeping Museum Artist Market & Fairytale Salon

I have been busy getting ready for the Creeping Museum’s Artist Market & Fairytale Salon. Besides making many amazing artworks and art goods for this art event, I just did a “dress rehearsal” for it last night. That doesn’t mean I got into a costume and ran through some memorized lines. No, it means I set up my table with my table mate, fellow artist Dave Benz (of Benz & Chang), and we figured out how to make our table look good, fitting in all our art goodies, and realizing what was missing.

We still have a few more things to get done, but we are feeling more prepared than before the “rehearsal”. We’re definitely excited to show you all our eerily, strange and beautiful artwork. See below for a sneak peek of some of the things I’ll be bringing to the artist market.

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, August 24th, 4-9pm at the Alberta Abbey, 126 NE Alberta St. in Northeast Portland, OR. There will be about 40 artists/creatives with all kinds of magical things. The shared artist table for Dave and I will be at the far wall, opposite the stage. See the maps below. The count down begins, so we’ll see you in less than 2 weeks (eeek!).


The Voice of Gothic & Creepy Art: My 4 Minute Interview at Monster Drawing Rally 2019

While at the 2019 Monster Drawing Rally, I had a little interview with the Portland Art Museum’s Podcast, in which I answered as many questions as I could within 4 minutes. We chatted about memorable moments at past events (this was my 4th year participating), the kind of art I create (gothic and creepy, of course) and how I deal with the challenge of the limited time to make art during the Monster Drawing Rally. Listen to my answers, laughs and sighs by clicking on the photos links below.


You can also see a little video blurb that OPB did on the Monster Drawing Rally by clicking the photo link above. I didn’t get in their video spot, but this was exactly what I saw, heard and enjoyed during my time there. I even talked to the lady that said she draws women who ruled the world. This was my last year doing it. For most of my 4 years of as participating/donating artist, I really enjoyed it. This year, I realized it’s changed for me and the magic is no longer there like it was before.

Ghosts, Being Awkward & Other Strange Things That Shape My Art (In My 1st Artist Talk)

I am strange, you know, so I have actually always enjoyed talking in front of people (it’s written in my astrology, in my stars). Given that, it should be no surprise to you that I’ve always wanted to give an artist talk. In some other life, I suspect I was a stand up comedian, hamming it up in front of a live audience. In little over a week, on Friday, August 9th, between 5-7pm, I’ll be giving my 1st ever artist talk at PDX Commons, making my wish come true and perhaps giving me the chance to ham it up in this life too.

This is where I’ll be showing 2 of my larger drawings along with about 20 other artists’ artwork. These artists are my fellow South East Portland Open Studio artists. It will be the only time to see all our art together in one place before the actual studio visits in October (2nd & 3rd weekends).


I’ve been asking people on and off the internet what questions they have for me. So far I’ve gotten some good ones and will answer them in my talk. They have asked me how do I come up with my characters and what is my medium and why do I work in it. If you have questions, please let me know and I’ll be sure to answer them. If you are not in the Portland, Oregon area, I’ll be posting a video of it afterward so you’ll be able to know what I replied to whatever you ask.

9x9 Collage-Art From the Strange Land-Melissa Kojima.jpg

I definitely plan on talking about the significance of ghosts, being awkward and other strange things that shape my artwork. I think it will make me feel very vulnerable to talk about these things, making me tearful or trembling my hands and voice. Still, isn’t that kind of authenticity what makes a talk feel intimate and profound? I hope so. I’m sure there will be a few laughs along the way too. Wish me luck. And I hope to see you there. Details are below.

SE Artists Art Show at PDX Commons-Sq-Promo.png

Last Minute News! I'll In The 2019 Monster Drawing Rally

It’s only a few days until the Portland Art Museum’s Monster Drawing Rally, and I only heard back this morning that I’ll be a participating artist. I wasn’t sure if I would be one or not, since the spaces are limited for returning artist this year. This is their 5th Annual event and this will by my 4th year as a participating artist. It will be held this Friday, July 12th, 5:30-9:30pm.

I always love drawing in front of a crowd and raising money for children’s art programs, so this is a real treat to be a part of this event. If you like helping children’s art programs too, please come and watch me draw and then buy the art….mine….or any of over a 100 other Portland artists. I’ll be drawing in the last round of artists from 8-9pm. Will you make it? If yes, please come say hello to me. More details are below.

The Creeping Museum Invited Me to Their Art Market (August 24th, 2019)

As you may remember, I recently returned to Instagram. In doing so, I seem to have found the online gothic art community. I have been slowly building my audience of fellow artists and art enthusiast who love dark and macabre things, Halloween everyday, creepy cute art, and oddities and curiosities. If you are following me, I dare say, that you too must count yourself among this group of creepers and misfits. They sport names like “Haute Macabre”, “The Ghoul Next Door” and “Haunted Paper”, to name a few.

They also call themselves, “The Creeping Museum”. I was so happy to find them and even more excited to learn that they were in Portland, Oregon, my home, where I live. I followed them online and loved all their posts, including an announcement a few weeks ago that they will be hosting a carefully curated artist market here in Portland, Oregon. I was so happy I’d be able to attend it.

On the same day of their big announcement, they started following me. I couldn’t believe that someone with influence and power in the gothic community (23K+ followers) would like my art and my posts. That boosted my confidence and made me feel like I might belong which is not something I’ve felt before on Instagram.

Creeping Museum Artist Market PDX 2019.jpg

About a week after that, I got a message from them, inviting me to be a part of their artist market. I almost jumped out of my seat. It was such a surprise. They must have truly valued my artwork if they were asking me to join such amazing gothic artists. I thought about it for a few hours because I know I can do things in too much haste and on impulse. By the end of the day, I replied to their message with a big, fat YES!

Artists at the Creeping Museum Market 2019.jpb

Yes, I will be an artist at the Creeping Museum’s 1st Artist Market and Fairytale Salon! It is $10 to get in early and shop with less of a crowd for the 1st hour (3-4pm), but afterward (4-9pm), it is free to the public and anyone of you who also considers yourself a lover of oddities, creepy, spooky art, dark fairytales and divination and magic. Will you join us?

I will be posting more about how I’m preparing for this market, so stay tuned between now and August 24th. I can’t wait!!!

The Creeping Museum Early Bird Tickets.png
August 24 2019 Creeping Museum Artist Market.png