How to Travel Without Eyes: The Strange Tale of The Double Blind Twins

Carlotta and Katrina were not born from the same mother, but when they found each other at the ripe age 7, they felt like they had finally become whole.  They were both born blind and both had naturally light blue hair.  It was like they were sisters.  How could it be?  It was magic.

Before they met, it was hard being blind.  They could hear people's pity when they spoke to them, like they were as broken as a bicycle without wheels.  Their mothers would protect them like they might shatter if they fell, not letting them stray far, not letting them go out and explore the world.  Didn't their mothers know there was so much to smell and touch and taste and discover?  

By chance or magic (or is magic chance?), one day, they bumped into each other (because sometimes that thing happens whether you're blind or not).  Like a blind person who thinks everyone she meets must be able to see, they both exclaimed, "Hey, watch where you're going!  Can't you see I'm blind!"  To which they both started laughing.  They were best friends after that.  They had to be.  It was too remarkable of a coincidence to do anything else.   

The strangest thing, besides these amazing coincidences though, was that when they held hands or were in contact with each other, they could actually sense everything around them.  I cannot say it was the same as seeing, because I have never experienced this kind of extra sensory perception.  But it allowed them to move unencumbered in the world.  In fact, they were able to negate almost any terrain like a cat who can see in the shadows and the dead of night or like an owl who can spot her prey several yards away.

Of course, no one believed them.  And being daring despite all the dangers of the seeing world, and only being 10 years old, they set out to prove it.  Their first test was to go to the deepest,  darkest, creepiest place that anyone ever knew.  That was the Devil's Swamp because once you went in, you were lost forever in a hellish maze of vines and murky waters.  It was said that all manner of monsters and demons dwelled in there and only lived to suck away your soul.

It sounded perfect to them.  They got their top hats, packed an extra dose of courage and set out to the swamp.  They would make it through.  They knew they would.  It was not without some trial and error, but they did make it through. 

I will have to tell you that dark fairytale another time.