Who Else Loves Ghosts? Come See My Ghost Art at Wizard World Convention Portland!

Well, there’s still plenty of time to get over to the Oregon Convention Center for Wizard World Convention in Portland, Oregon. If you come, you’ll get to see my series of ghost artwork and more. Please use my discount code to get 20% off: KOJIMA20. I hope to see you there.

A few of the ghost artworks I have displayed at the Wizard World Convention in Portland, Oregon.  One of them is an art print for sale at $20.00 each.

A few of the ghost artworks I have displayed at the Wizard World Convention in Portland, Oregon. One of them is an art print for sale at $20.00 each.

Wizard World Comic Con Here I Come (Armed with Strange Art)!

Come February 22-24, 2019, I will, for first time ever, be an artist in the Artist Alley at Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, OR. I’m nervous but I’m armed with strange art. I have no idea what to expect, yet I have this nightmare that no one will come to my table. If by chance they do, they’ll look at my art and poo-poo it. Their noses will turn up as they strut away as if they got a wiff of stinking garbage.


Fears aside, I will put my best foot—-errr——my best art forward. What do I have in mind? What’s the plan? Lots of good things I hope you’ll come see. I’m thinking zines, paper toys, prints and of course some original art. Ghost girls. Night time magic. Moons. Masks. The Secret Society of Magical Creatures. These will all play a role in the strange art I display at my Artist Alley Table. I’ll give you some sneak peeks in the weeks to come.


Is It Insane to Keep Working at Something That You've Already Lost?

Is it insane to keep working at this solo art show?  Somehow, losing the opportunity has doubled my conviction to make the work for it.  I don't know.  Am I weird that way? I am weird that way...and in many more ways.  Nevertheless, here are a couple more work in progress images.  


I'm not ready to talk about them or what they mean yet.....just like I'm not ready to look for an exhibition space for that big, beautiful art show...yet.  


Hereafter, let this work and all the forthcoming work be know as, "That Big, Beautiful Art Show". Ha!  Stay tuned for more work in progress.

The World Might Not Be Made For Me, But The Show Must Go On

These are not new thoughts....how the world isn't made for pretty much anyone who isn't a white, male.....how if you deviate from the medium (norm), you will be excluded (from society and validation).....how if you want to make a living at something like art, it will be a huge struggle. 

But it is new to think the show must go on....it's new to think....yes, and I'm still enjoying myself.  I'm still enjoying this vast and strange world....I'm still enjoying being a woman of color....I'm still enjoying the way I look, act and what I value.....and I'm still enjoying creating art.  These ideas have cropped up as I have lost my solo art show at the gallery in the wake of the plans being destroyed.  Even if I don't know what's going to happen to the art....I mean my art.....I'm still making it.  The show still must go on....at least.....for me.

Here are some of the things that I've been working on for that big, beautiful solo show.

Haunted House Lady Drawing-WIP-Sketches on Desk.jpg

Sorry, not sorry for being such a tease about it and only giving you a little peek.  Stay tuned for more work in progress in the weeks to come.


5 Strange Things at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally

I had a blast at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally at the Portland Art Museum.  Maybe, it's because I sold my 2 drawings.  Perhaps, it's because I wore my cat ears and stripes.  Possibly, it's because I saw lots of strange things.  More than likely, it's all of them.  But I definitely have a strong attraction to all things strange.  Who else is attracted to strangeness?  Here are 5 strange things I saw at this fun art event where I donated my art and time to raise funds for the children's programs at the museum.

Me, Melissa Kojima, at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally III at the Portland Art Museum.

Me, Melissa Kojima, at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally III at the Portland Art Museum.

#1  Beaded Painted Artist who looked exactly like the art she was creating.  She was pretty strange and awesome.  Enough said.  


#2 Carson Ellis with Headphones.  Who is she?  Well, she just won the Caldecott Medal for her children's book, "Du Iz Tak?" and her husband is the front man for the band "The Decemberists".  People said she was wearing them because she didn't want everyone to approach her and ask for her autograph.  I don't know.  But it was a good way to concentrate on just making some great art, even if it was a bit strange.


#3 Sewing Machine Artist.  I didn't know you could bring a sewing machine to a live art event.  Who knew?  And why not?  Sure.  It keeps everything strange and interesting, right?


#4 Astronaut Artist.  He really is out of this world.  At the very least, he is absolutely strange, right?!  His whole suit made noise and flashed lights.  It was captivating.


#5 My Two Strange Drawings.  I was nervous and tried to do my best in my 60 minutes of drawing.  Here are the strange results; a Haunted Hat Lady & a Secret Lives Cat Lady.  They both sold, so I'm proud that I could help the Portland Art Museum again for the second year in a row of participating.


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