What Would You Bring to a Holiday Art Exchange? (The Tiniest Ring Master in the World Drawing)

I have been invited to a few white elephant gift exchange parties, but this was the first holiday party where I was invited to do a holiday art exchange. Everyone had to bring a piece of art they created and, just like a white elephant gift exchange, we drew numbers to discover which artwork we’d bring home.

I wasn’t sure what to create. I didn’t have much time, so I drew something tiny. In fact, I drew, “the Tiniest Ring Master in the World”. She is a sight to see, triumphantly perched on top of some kind of green stag beetle. You can see the work in progress below.


Of course, I was nervous about whomever would receive my art. Would they genuinely like it? Would they just pretend they were delighted by it? I mean, I really wanted someone to squeal with excitement upon opening it and seeing this tiny drawing.

Tiniest Ring Master Drawing on Desk WIP.jpg

The gal who won mine got a kick out of my Tiny Ring Master. Others said if she didn’t want my strange, little drawing, they would happily take it off her hands. But she kept it. That made me feel satisfied that I had done a good job.

What did I win in the exchange? Well, the artist was just as nervous as me, unsure and doubting his art. It was a large, canvas, drip painting by a good friend of mine in lovely purples, blues and pink that formed a pretty lady in all those splashes and blurs of paint. Of course, I was happily surprised to receive it. Now, I need to find a frame to make it shine and proudly hang it on my wall.

Lastly, Why Not Have a Mysterious Holiday!

Being strange (are you too?), I could not possibly make a normal holiday card. I mean really? Come on! Why would I choose anything but strange? So with my cohort in strangeness (my beau, my soulmate, the love of my life), we created the strangest of holiday cards. We decided to wish everyone on our holiday card list a MYSTERIOUS and MAGICAL holiday. Do you think donning, paper, bunny masks and pretending we were sitting for a tintype photo where we couldn’t move for several minutes (but managed to move anyway and blur the image) did the trick? I mean, was it a great way to put some mystery into the old holiday tradition?


Whatever you think, I hope you do enjoy this holiday season and do something that delights your heart. I think wearing masks is great. How about sporting some animal ears? Anyone for a visit to the Peculiar Museum (Yes, we have that here in Portland, Oregon)?

Here are the outtakes from the photo booth that didn’t make it into the holiday card. I hope they make you laugh. We did when they came out freshly wet from the booth slot. Don’t we look like we’re part of some secret society, especially in that very last one where we are turned to the left? Well, maybe we are. Maybe, we are (wink, wink).


Little Thank You Drawing on Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and I just wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday. I hope you enjoy your friends, family and great food today. I will be doing the same thing. I’m thankful that I can draw, cute little drawings like this thank you card I drew for my sister after she helped me through a really dark time in my life. I’m thankful to have friends in whom I can confide when things get hard and painful. What has you feeling grateful for today or any day?

Thank You Card Bunny Girl 2017-for Sister Kara Kojima.jpg

What Special Gift Can I Get for the Fantasy Adventure Geek in My Life?

It's that time of year when you want to show how much you care about the fantasy adventure geek in your life.  They watch "Stranger Things" and "Game of Thrones".  They know all the Studio Ghibli movies.  They have a vast knowledge of vintage horror films.  They even make their own cosplay outfits.  Yep, they are pretty special.  But what can you give them that is equally as special as they are?  

Well, if you want it to be special, it has to be:

  1. one of a kind
  2. super fun
  3. artsy
  4. creepy or spooky
  5. something that they can brag about because no one else has it

I have just the thing to meet all your fantasy adventure geeks' requirements.  These spooky little drawings on coasters because:

  1. They are only $50 for original art!
  2. They seem like lost treasure you uncovered in a vintage shop!
  3. They are worth so much more than $50 (about $180 for the 5 hours it took to create each one) so you're getting a steal!
  4. They're so cheap you could get your fantasy adventure geek more than 1 (or also get 1 for yourself)!
  5. They each have a spooky & secret story written on the back of it (I know since I wrote it)!

PLUS of course, it is one of a kind, super fun, artsy, spooky and they can brag about it!

Click on the link to be taken to the shop and choose the one that will thrill your fantasy adventure geek!

Source: http://nucleusportland.com/search?q=meliss...


It's time to get serious. It's time to tell a different story....the one I've wanted to share all my life.  This one is full of magic and mystery.  This one reminds you that it's darkest before the dawn.....meaning there is hope even when it seems bleak.

Stay tuned for my complete website full of my delicious art.